Good news: Got the XBox controller working with #CrazyParty. Better news, my hunch played out, and it addressed the difficulties I was experiencing with my fingers.


  • Avatar 💬 Katherine Moss

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  1. So Key2Joy works well and is easy?

  2. JoyToKey works, but I wouldn’t call it easy. It doesn’t tell you which buttons you’re programming, so you have to go by elimination

  3. Gotcha, I’ll have to try it, I have a controller myself, not Xbox, but one that connects via USB dongle.

  4. That’s too bad. If you had the XBox one, i could have shared the file.

  5. It is set up more like a playstation 2 controller.

  6. I’m wondering what the limitations on it are, honestly wondering if I could set up more than asingle key per each, heh, wondering how viable it would be for setting up commands for a mud, for example.

  7. I’m not familiar with that setup. I’ve been out of gaming for a long time.

  8. It says you can set it up to do multiple key commands and you can set app specific profiles, but I don’t know much about the limitations.

  9. Two triggers on either side, four buttons to the right, a D-Pad, two sticks, start and select keys

  10. I’ll have to take a look then.