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This post is a twitter thread I wrote today.
I’m waiting on kitty ultrasound results and trying to distract myself a little bit so I’d like to tell you a story about something that happened last night, in the hopes that I can process my feelings around it.
I met a girl on the train last night.

The other day, I got disoriented at an intersection I cross on a daily basis because of some new meds. Similar to the author of this post, two people made sure I got across the street and back on familiar ground, which was all I needed, so it went just fine. On a different occasion, however, someone had the cops because I got lost in a snowbank, and they thought I was under the influence. Long story short, it caused me way more grief than I signed up for when I stepped out of my apartment that day. The lesson here is a powerful one, folks.

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  1. @ChangelingMx Man, dude, that sucks. Seriously. Just a suggestion. Those meds are needed, right? I become leery of doctors in this day and age over-prescribing things.

  2. Avatar ChangelingMx says:

    @cambridgeport90 Yes, they’re needed, unless they don’t work. Fortunately, that particular side effect is supposed to go away within a few days. If it works, the rest of the things that are going on should go away within 6-12 weeks, but then I have to continue the meds.

  3. @ChangelingMx as long as there’s a reason for it. I tend to bristle at that sort of thing since I’ve seen friends get screwed.

  4. Avatar ChangelingMx says:

    @cambridgeport90 Well, the stuff it is treating is way worse than any side effects. Also, I’m not sure how much you saw, but this post was actually a reply to another article.

  5. @ChangelingMx I haven’t gotten the hang of seeing all of those as of right now.

  6. Avatar ChangelingMx says:

    @cambridgeport90 I may not have the hang of sending those, either. Here is the link.