Just purchased the new Twitterific, but if you don’t have one of their purchasing options in your budget and are a VoiceOver user, you’ll be happy to know the ads/reminders are as unobtrusive as possible. They’re at the top just before the search field in the timeline, and a 1-finger flick right will take you right passed it.

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  1. Avatar Clare Page says:

    So does that mean we have to uninstall Twitterrific 5 and do a fresh install for Twitterrific 6?

  2. wait, there’s a new twitterific app out?

  3. No. You just need to update the app you currently have, and then you can subscribe via in-app purchase.

  4. Version 6. Out just this morning.

  5. Avatar Clare Page says:

    oK, thanks for that!

  6. No problem. It looks like, for now anyway, that the old version still functions in case you wanted to hold onto it for some reason.