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When someone asks me if my avatar is a boy or a girl, and I get to say yes. #ItsTheLittleThings
Maybe I’m late to the party, but I just discovered that VoiceOver has an option to turn off the speaking of emoji, and the activities feature lets me apply it to certain contexts. This makes browsing my timelines so much easier!!!
I did not finish the #SPNChallenge in time for the new episodes, but rewatching has made me realize how big a part of my life @CW_SPN has been. It’s necessary for me to take the full ride to say goodbye.
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I just point out that I am blind since birth, have never seen colors, and know green is my favorite color. logic like that short-circuits the trolls.
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I just point out that I’ve been blind since birth and never seen colors, but I’m quite sure green is my favorite color. Logic like that always short-circuits the trolls.
I like that #iOS14 lets me use my memoji stickers anywhere, but I wish the descriptions went with them when I posted so I wouldn’t need to rewrite the alt text every time. I would also like to see a bigger selection in the future.
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Follow freely, block liberally, have happy social media experience.
woke up to an en masse tweet storm about last night’s debate, and I don’t even want to open my Facebook.😨😨😨☣️☣️☣️