#Scifi, #Fantasy, #horror.

Picked up the Audible adaptation of @neilhimself’s Sandman comics this morning. It’s absolutely fabulous.
Last night, I found out why I get so many My Little Pony fans following me on social networks. Apparently, MLP has changeling ponies, and people think my name comes from that. Lol Here’s a link that explains the reference for my name pick.
Juice of 2020, @SoundsFakePod added image descriptions to their merch, Blind and visuall impaired Aces like me now have an accessible shopping experience. Find them at, and their store at
Just converted my month’s pay into bitcoin to get it doubled. If you’ll let me borrow a box to live in for awhile, i’ll split the proceeds with you. You could half of my doubled $12000 in bitcoin.
I keep getting e-mails to my website demanding I replace a damaged package. I don’t sell anything. 🤦‍♂️
Finally got the e-mail I’ve been waiting for, and my Google Play Music account is transferred to YouTube Music.
Let’s play a game, Internet. Guess which word i’m thinking of, and it’s definitely not kitty.
Just throwing this out there, for absolutley no particular reason, but my hugs are reserved exclusively for lifeforms with 4 legs and a tail. challenge me if you feel brave. #ACB20
I must say, the Outlook app for iOS is the best e-mail experience I’ve had in awhile. I can’t wait until iOS14 lets me use it fulltime.
Apparently, there’s been an update to my TTS engine, and it now reads out the Fitzpatrick skin type of emojis, but the tweets with emojis I’ve found are angry, so I was like who is Fitzpatrick, and why are they yelling at me?