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Thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch me lose my ass at @SequenceStorm. Also, announced the impending arrival of the version of Changeling’s Guide to Discord for screen reader users and the planned completion of the Mastodon guide. Fun stuff!



If you do a Google search for Discord and screen readers, my guide is the third or fourth search result down, only beaten by @DiscordApp’s official tweets and the Discord Reddit. Find the guide at
Much as I love to hate , they’ve done well with their avatar creator from an standpoint. read all the choices and describes all the stickers. It’s worth pointing out I still cannot figure out how to send #Animoji stickers on .
I’m so fed up with #OBS at this point, that I’m this close to buying a license and using it to stream to Twitch.
Do not, under any circumstances buy a Ring peephole cam doorbell.. not only do they not include the tools you need to remove your existing peephole, but their customer service doesn’t even know they sell peephole cameras.
Was going to order a @TWiT facemask, but my screen reader doesn’t read what colors they come in… So that’s a no-go for now.
For those of you who missed last night’s stream, it is now avaialbel on youTube. Sequence Storm from the beginning.
Since Changeling is new to this whole streaming thing and screwed up the recording, come watch a recreation of how to play #JackboxGames with your .
Starting this Thursday at 6 p.m. Eastern, I’ll be twitching Code7, a game I never finished. Watch if you like, but those who bring spoilers will be shot on sight… Get it?