Changeling mx

#Scifi, #Fantasy, #horror.

You know you’re doing physical therapy right when you almost fall down and scare the lady on the exercise bike, but I’m in a balance harness and my therapist and I were just like, yeah, it happens. Nothing to see here, folks.
Instead of devising ways to be just like Apple, Google should have taken the time to organize its presentation better. This is seriously all the things my public speaking professor warned me about. #MadeByGoogle
Tip: If you’re riding a bus that doesn’t talk, you can use the enhanced guidance of #GoogleMaps #WalkingDirections to find your stop.
My personal trainer rolled her eyes at me, sighed, and is now calmly surveying the various equipment around the gym… When should I start to worry?
@soundsfakepod as requested, a pic of me in my merch.
This morning, I made the discovery that none of my digital voice assistants know how to respond to the phrase, "You’re a towel." They are all equally worthless now.
Playing @Dice_World by @AppA11y, I have my #Farkle! sound set to the gunshot. when it goes off, I yell, "Team rocket’s blasting off again!" … Don’t judge.
For those of you experiencing the new @Dice_World from @AppA11y, why not treat yourself to the soundpack? It brings a whole new level of fun to the game.