#Scifi, #Fantasy, #horror.

I didn’t realize until just a minute ago that the Discord logo is what feels like a ginormous smiley face with freakishly large eyes, but those are the miracles of puffy paint.
PSA: Ghost Fries are not waffle fries featuring Caspar the Friendly Ghost. They are evil potatoes that will burn your face off from the inside out.
The good news is I got the Logitech headset from last week working. The bad news is I forgot to cancel my order for the Arctus headset, and it’s too late. I’ll get to do a comparison, though.
Discovered a version of The Martian read by Wil Wheaton. My phrase of the morning is "The Toilet of Doom".
Apparently, the’s a setting in Twitter that filters out some notifications. This is why comments have been showing up on my site without me being notified. WHOOPS!
Someone gave me Discord Nitro for Christmas. Now I just need to get a graphic designer to do some custom things with my avatar so I can torture other servers with custom emoji.
It only took me 10 years, but I’ve just finished coding my awesome website with Flash. I can’t wait to launch it for y’all tomorrow.
It’s really annoying when people read your mind, don’t respond, and when they’re called on ignoring you complain that they aren’t mind readers, like you can’t just use that as an excuse every time and expect me to buy it.