I am a reviving blind gamer with interests in music, horror fiction, technology, things that feel shiny, and songs that sound green.

My starship has crash-landed in Ghost Town, a place that can be looked at but not seen. The citizens of Ghost Town can also be looked at but not seen, but I am now among them and I can see them just fine.

They speak a different language here, but it sounds like my language. It’s frustrating because I go away from a conversation thinking I’ve communicated the right message and will get the desired result, only to get a result completely opposite of what I need. As you can imagine, it’s made repairing the starship extremely difficult because I keep getting the wrong parts.

My mission is to repair my starship and escape Ghost Town, so I’ve decided to start by learning their language. Unfortunately, the translator I use insists that I and the citizens are speaking the same language. I went in search of books only to find that all the books that teach the language were burned and replaced with one giant book that constantly changes truth and the facts based on the idea that is yelled the loudest by the person who has the most letters in their name. There are times where the physics that allow me to repair my starship and launch it don’t exist because someone with an impressively long name has denied them very loudly.

My work is cut out for me. I’m going to be here for awhile. I fortunately had the foresight to bring my music library and movie and TV show collections with me. There is also Alex, my cat who is sleeping now. I will ask him what to do about the language barrier when he wakes up. in the meantime, think about Ghost Town. Maybe you’ll see it if you think about it hard enough and can rescue me. At the very least, you’ll know where to send the iced cream.

I do’t have a favorite person in my life just now, but I am taking applications.
The good news is I cut the cord and am all streaming now. The bad news is the Apple TV remote has got to be one of the most poorly designed things ever. It’s so touchy.
After much consideration, I have decided to stop maintaining Changeling’s Guide to Discord for Screen Reader Users. I feel the developers have made significant improvements to the platform, and the guide has served its purpose.
This is a test.
Can you imagine if The Stand had been published as a tweet storm instead of a stand-alone novel?
My new game is called DoomScroll. You just endlessly side scroll boosting memes and killing trolls, and nothing gets harder or changes in anyway. Whoever gets bored and gives up with the highest score wins.
Alexa, listen to TWiT Live.
Okay, playing Conway Twitty from Amazon Music.
bla bla bla, or something.