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Yes… Thanks to Sarah for giving me a way out of shaking hands. I can just say, "No thanks. I’m Vulcan."… That’s just me preserving my chaotic neutral existence.
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Not a sign of being a sociopath.
These Podcasts Are Paving the Way for Aromantic and Asexual Representation via @them
Add to the list of things that have gone downhill RE: A11y, Fitbit. I cannot accept their terms of service using their app with .
Just cancelled my Uber Eats pass. Their interface is to inconsistent from an standpoint with VoiceOver to be loyal.
Doctor wants me to keep track of my sleep cycle, so here comes my first Fitbit in 3 years…
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I just want you to know that reading a book could be considered a date if one of you is reading to the other. I enjoy being read to.
I’m pretty sure Google Hangouts has become the new Skype in that it attracts spammy people… No great loss, since I wasn’t using it anyway, but yikes.
If you’re on a dating app for Asexuals, and you’re honestly surprised why the person you’re talking to isn’t married and/or doesn’t have children, I’m left wondering if you’re aware of the community you’re interacting with. I know some Aces are married and do have children, but to not have those things should not warrant a person to feel like we need to explain the lack of a partner or offspring in our own community.
I just broke contact with a woman from a dating app because she said she doesn’t work and wants a serious guy to take care of her. If it’s wrong to want a partner that can take care of themself, then I don’t wanna be right.