I have a shortcut set that when I tell Siri to put me in the box, DND turns on until I leave my current location. Later, I’ll make a Siri shortcut that makes the Google Assistant sing me Baby Shark.

If everything goes right in the next couple of months, I will have the necessary equipment to test and chart Discord on both iOS and Android. I’ll be able to expand the guide to Discord for screen readers that can be found at starshipchangeling.net/discord.
When you wear a jacket not because you’re cold, but because the numbers on the thermometer have fallen so low that being seen without a jacket upsets the humans and brings out their inner parent.

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When it comes to gaming communities there always seems to be some sort of conflict at all time. Somet…

One of these days when someone asks me to explain to them how I see the world as a blind person, I will have the fortitude to say, "I’d like to, but I can’t. So much of language is based on a visual orientation to the world, that there are virtually no words to account for the rest of the multidimensional experience. The result is those doors are permanently locked to you." … Or something like that.
New Microsoft Edge doesn’t look like it plays well with . Seems to work okay with JAWS, though.