Since a tweet didn’t go out about it, there is a new episode of @SoundsFakePod out. I won’t give away anything, but the way they say my name is exactly what I’d expect from people who spent an hour doing what they were doing.
Just an FYI, the status of @letsEnvision communicated in the latest @blindbargains qast is no longer true. The app is working again… At least for iPhone.
Pretty sure @NHBShow will appreciate this.
My favorite thing about the iPhone11 is the battery life. I’ve been streaming music, doing OCR, managing email, social networking, etc. since 8 this morning, and at quarter to 6 I’m at 80%.
With iOS13.1 having rendered Envision AI (@LetsEnvision) dysfunctional, I had to use KNFBReader to scan and sort all my medical referrals to get ready for my next round of medical appointments. This is why it’s good to have many apps that perform one task.
For those who thought voice control in iOS13 would solve the problem of people not wanting to learn to interact with a touch screen relying on Siri for everything, sorry not sorry to burst your bubble, but you still have to know what’s on the screen and what those things are called to make voice control interact with it.

Had my first ever encounter with a fragrance free facility today. While booking the appointment, they told me about it. I don’t wear that stuff, but I didn’t realize it was a real thing.