Looks like #SequenceStorm is supposed to be an accessible game, but the platform on which it exists is inaccessible. That’s $15 I’ll never get back. πŸ™
I walked out my front door today, and right into one of those people who was going door-to-door handing out their religious pamphlets. I’m pretty sure it startled both of us.
The phrase "just to put a smile on it" poses the question What is "it", and where on "it" does the smile go?
Employee benefits enrollment time and tax time: Tow out of many times of the year where things are easier without a life partner or offspring.
It’s probably time for me to change some of my identifiers, but I don’t want to remake the Powerpoint that explains how I exist. Maybe I’ll make it a Prezi since I’m here…
I was upset when my #CrazyParty save file got corrupted, but it’s actually turned out for the better. I ended discovering how to unlock multiple worlds just from playing the same one.