I am a proud boomerang denier. Boomerangs are fake. I will not be brainwashed by the weaponized media!
Just tripped over a UPS package that has been by my front door for awhile, judging by the texture of the cardboard. I guess those text notifications from UPS weren’t a scam after all.
Since I’m using Spotify again, I’m also taking back on the project of categorizing my music by what color they sound like. It’ll be one of those ongoing things as I keep listening to music.
Just Killed my Google1 subscription. I just can’t justify paying for Office365 and it at the same time.
I’ve decided e-mail is a hopelessly broken form of communication and I’m just going to use Facebook Messenger for everything.
I’ve come to the conclusion that taptic time on Apple Watch only works when it feels like it, which seems to be never when I actually need it.
What is… The Internet?
As you go through today, remember to give yourself a break. Just because you happen to be thinking of Joe Ledger when you make a mistake doesn’t mean he’ll magicly appear and start kicking your ass.
All right. Time to start my blind playthrough of Monday, December 7, 2020. See what I did there?