I’m looking to grow my Twitch hostlist. If you’re interested in being on it, message me your Twitch URL. So long as you’re not doing anything nefarious or hopelessly boring, you have a good shot at getting on the list.
Spending my lunchbreak adjusting my my @ring cam’s motion zones so it doesn’t catch my neighbor every time they leave and come back… And people think I don’t care about things… 😛
Used the Hartgen Consultancy Zoom scripts for the first time this morning. Completely changes the user experience, especially if you’re the host.
Probably the only one who renames my Discord bots, but I like doing it. So there.
Have just discovered the joys of using an #NFC security key for 2-step verification on my . I’ve always just assumed it wouldn’t work and opted for a backup method. I just happened to see the directions this time.
As it happens, i have searched the Internet high and low, and there is no such thing as an evil chocolate cookie. Gorge away!
Weather has come through and killed my connection to the Internet, so no stream tonight. I’m also going to be revising the schedule over the weekend to better suit my situation. See you Sunday at 11 a.m. Eastern for continued Code7.
Need to reschedule tonight’s stream for 7 Eastern. Join me then for some Sequence storm at http://twitch.changelingmx.
Discovered I lost my #Braillemon save file, so I had to go through everything in last night’s video again…
There will be no Sequence storm stream tonight. it will be on Thursday at 5p.m. Eastern, rather than a randomly selected game. Thank you.