Finally remembered where the Amber Alert settings are in my phone so I can turn them off. That’s just as bad on my startle reflex as fire alarms.
In other news, the Siri voice on my Apple Watch is finally my VoiceOver voice. Don’t know how, but it’s there.
seeing all these virtual gift exchanges that are like, Ladies only, or Men only… And I must be living under a rock or something because I thought we were passed this foolishness.😒😭😔
10 years ago: Found you on Twitter and think you’re cool. Let’s be FB friends. Now: Found you on Twitter and think you’re cool. Let’s stay Twitter friends so I can preserve the impression.
there’s no such thing as Patreon Game Night.
If I don’t call myself out on my own crazy, I might start thinking I’m normal and have to go through the trouble of finding out I’m crazy from someone who has no business pointing it out. If that’s not selfcare, I don’t know what is.
Paige showed up this morning, and as usual, I’m expected to just totally rearrange my schedule and to-do list for the day around what she wants…
I love that people freak when they find out I’m blind. It’s in the first three words of my bio. Lol
Instacart shopper sent me a message telling me to request contactless delivery if I was sick. I’ve been doing that since it was available to keep random people out of my house. Social anxiety FTW!
My other take-away from Ready Player Two is the term 0gender. It’s just a fascinating concept at this point, but who knows′