While I do enjoy having a wardrobe of many colors and breaking the whole stereotype about how blind people just where one matching outfit every day, it’s a chore sorting things out sometimes. The primary colors are fine, but the nonprimary colors are like trying to rangle cats.

I’m blind. If you call me disabled, it means if i drop my keys, it takes me a little longer to find them and put them back in my pocket. If you call me differently enabled, it means I can use telekenesis to return the keys to my hand. It’s the difference between calling a situation what it is, and possibly getting me shipped off to a secret facility for folks with special abilities never to be seen or heard from again. please call the situation what it is.

I have my iPhone connected to a splitter connected to my laptop. Got the my foot tangled in the wires and sent my iPhone whizzing across the room where it bounced harmlessly off the floor. That is the magic of the UnicornBeetle.

The only thing I don’t like about this new machine is the position of the 6-pack. It’s above the numpad on the right, and laid out vertically. It’s directly adjacent to and looks just like the FKeys.