All I wanted to do was get my microsub endpoint working. Instead, I’m now pondering transferring my domain to a less annoying hosting platform. I’m also giving serious thought to revisiting for managing my content. I’m completely exhausted.

I discovered that the golf polos I own, as well as the athletic shirts I like wearing both have UV protection, so I don’t have to add to my wardrobe as much as I thought. I also bought the strongest Banana Boat i could find. The score is now me 1, Paige 100000.

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I’m glad to hear you’ve found something that will allow you to more easily get your job done. I’m not biting the Aira bullet yet, because I have some serious concerns with regard to their privacy and data protection policies which have yet to be answered, coupled with some ethical concerns, bu...

It’s not actually something that I want, but it’s a truly lousy feeling when you’re an AT instructor, and you can’t work the device because there’s no Internet and you can’t turn on the screen reader. I’ll deal with the other stuff.