Just discovered that the next book in #TheStormlightArchive is being released on Nov. 17. It’s on my wishlist, and I’m reading the #Skyward series to hold me over.
I just want to take a few bytes of your Internet to let you know that listening to something through a set of headphones doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting it in stereo. You only need to listen to Pet Cheetah by Twenty-One Pilots through a defective splitter to understand this.
Just told my office mate I was looking forward to his being out of the office later this week so I could keep the lights off. he nicely informed me the lights in this office have never worked, and I’ve just been flipping the switch for no reason. #BlindProblems
I’ve been thinking about it, and it seems that #CrazyParty would be improved by having wall tones like #Manamon2. I found that to be a really nice feature in that game.
Heads-up! If you’re one of those accounts that has status updates in your display name, like X is going to Y event, I’m hitting the unfollow button faster then the A&B buttons when you get knocked down in mike Tyson’s Punch Out!. Ain’t nobody got time to listen to the same sentence over and over.
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I think all names are better without emojis. Whenever possible, I tell an app not to display them as part of the name.
Remember when you could get a free sports illustrated watch?
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Couldn’t make it through the ATrack… Maybe I’ll power through just so I can see someone’s reaction to Baby Shark. Lol
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@BSG_Blog It’s not my fault you let me swipe your amphetamine stash and you were slow. Sheesh.