After almost a week, The Starship Changeling is back online. If I ever get the urge to leave WordPress, someone please slap me.
This is a test to see if Bridgy will work for something posted from the WordPress for iOS app. My biggest gripe so far is that WP wants you to add titles to status post formats.

I’m also spending my morning playing with IndieWeb syndication options.

It’s not even getting out of the ’50’s today. For Florida, that’s cold.

@liamerven I just voted for February 10th. Believe it or not, I actually have to work President’s Day.
I am totally blind, and still get crap for it. It also doesn’t help that I have the screen curtain on, so people think my phone is broken and I don’t even know it.
I’ve been testing short posts for WordPress,’ and I looked at my stats and noticed that I have 2 followers by email… I don’t think I’m making their Christmas list this year.
Now testing a new way to cross-post. Feel like I’m running on an exercise wheel at this point.
Doing some more maintenaance on the Starship Changeling. Bringing it farther into the . This is one of the most fulfilling, self-actualizing experiences I’ve ever had.