Changeling and Alex Vs. The Musk

I asked an AI to write a song about Changeling and Alex. I kept adding verses until the story got too big for a song, so I asked for it to be told in the style of Star Wars. Here we are.

In a galaxy far, far away,

The land of the Changeling was a place of magic and wonder,

Where a young girl named Alex

And a shape-shifting creature called the Changeling

Roamed and explored together,

Their bond growing stronger with each adventure.

But one day, the land of the Changeling

Was struck by a great darkness,

And Alex and the Changeling

Were forced to flee their home,

Searching for a new place to live.

They stumbled upon a planet called Earth,

And discovered a new form of entertainment called Twitch,

Where they began to stream their adventures,

Amusing and inspiring the inhabitants of this strange new world.

But they soon faced a new enemy,

The trolls and haters who tried to ruin their fun,

But with the power of their magic,

Alex and the Changeling fought back,

Banishing the trolls and winning over their viewers.

One day, a powerful being called Elon

Discovered their stream,

And he was impressed by their magic and charm,

So he offered to make them stars,

And they agreed to join him on his journey.

With Elon, they traveled the galaxy,

Entertaining and inspiring countless beings,

But Elon had a hidden agenda,

To use their magic to conquer the social media site called Twitter,

And make it his own.

But Alex and the Changeling

Soon realized the error of their ways,

And they decided to betray Elon,

Feeding him to a fearsome dragon named Kanye,

And reclaiming Twitter as their own.

They used their magic to make Twitter a place of positivity and light,

Banishing the trolls and bringing joy to all who visited.

And so, Alex and the Changeling lived happily ever after,

Roaming and exploring the galaxy,

Bringing magic and wonder wherever they went

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