Changeling Chronicles Ep. 23: Nowhere III

She hadn’t expected to pull a whole town through the door, but she’ll use what’s here to her advantage. Once she repairs things that were damaged during the move and gets everything else situated, she begins waking the souls she’s kept with her all this time. All these people, Asexuals living in a world made by an ace for aces. Her stability is much in question at this point, even to herself, but her abilities are undeniable.

She creates memories for them. Half believe she created the universe. Half believe the universe evolved. Because she’s free, she collects more souls, a few at a time, discretely. A third school of thought—nobody really knows how they got there and worrying about it doesn’t solve anything. From time to time, someone asks too many questions and she deals with them when she finds them.

On one of these occasions, she thinks to ask, “Why do you ask these questions? Nobody else.”

The blob, named Franklin of all things says< “I dreamed of a dragon that flies across the stars. People live in the dragon. They come from other worlds… Except one. One comes from here. He went with them to help them find …” But he can’t get it.

It’s enough. She finishes him off. She leaves that night in search of Genie and the ship.

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