Changeling Chronicles Ep. 7: Changeling, Paige and Genie

I would have gotten my ass kicked if the new girl had meant to do it. She caught me totally unaware. One minute, I was in Genie’s quarters, fiddling with the wifi box and completely alone. The next, a voice behind me said,

“I remember that song. My mom used to sing it.”

I spun the way one will when they are caught humming and they didn’t know they were doing it, and there was a girl holding a stuffed unicorn.

Not just any girl.

Last time I’d seen her face, it had been on a plastic ball.

Didn’t see the ball, but there was the girl. Only one thing to make of that.

“I can’t call you Ball Pit Girl. That just sounds wrong.”

“My name is Paige. I know Genie, and you’re not a cat. You must be Changeling.”

“What’s your unicorn’s name?”

“I never gave him one. I found him and I picked him up, and the next thing I remember is being here.”

I turned to Genie as they stepped in. “Genie,” I said, “this is Paige. She’s the newest passenger on my starship.”

“I was going to tell you, but I didn’t know how. She’s not just from the ball pit. She’s from before I met you.”

“How is it even possible?”

“I don’t know. The ship is, after all, the product of your wish.”

“You’re saying I’m doing it?”

“I’m saying the ship exists through nonconventional means. Therefore, nonconventional things will be possible on it.”

I left then.We’ll have to sort this out, but I can’t do that if I’m not in the loop.


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