Changeling Chronicles Ep.24: camouflage III

I finish telling Alex everything. When Skyler showed it to me, she did it in the style of an ’80’s style video game, complete with pixelated images of the characters, blips sound effects and a musical score. I spared Alex that.

“I remember,” he says. “She left. Your ship landed the next day. You spent time here, we asked you to find the lost dragon, I was made to go with you to help you find it. None of us knew this was going on.”

“Obviously. Genie and Paige had you going along with them. Then Skyler caught us and took me away.”

“Yeah. One minute you were there, then you were gone. Thought Genie might have had something to do with it. They seemed to know more than they told.”

“What do I do now?”

“Well… Okay. Your name isn’t Changeling. According to what you told me, that’s all of us.”


“So what’s your name? Where do you come from?”

Easy. I open my mouth. “My name is—“ it won’t come out. “I come from—“ it won’t come out.

I concentrate really really hard. My. Name. Is. … Everything goes white. I am once again surrounded by nothing in the world of nothing.

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