Micro Fiction by Changeling

Complete stories in 500 words or less

What is this?

This is the dedicated page for information about Changeling’s micro fiction. Micro fiction is an art from that attempts to tell a complex story in as few words as possible. It has become especially popular along with social networks that favor short-form content. You can see examples by choosing “MicroFiction” from the browse by category section below.

Custom pieces

Changeling offers custom micro fiction pieces. These pieces are short and can be used in many different media. To request a custom piece and find out details about pricing, please send an email to fiction@starshipchangeling.net.

How can I support the work?

If you enjoy micro fiction or any of the other things that Changeling does, you can buy Changeling a candy. You can also use the share button on these posts to share content to your social networks. Finally, as an alternate method of support, you can scroll down to find how and where to get 10% off your purchase of hemp products. Changeling gets a percentage of each sale generated by the link.
Thank you and happy reading!