For the record, the number of times i’ve had to reset my #CrazyParty battle stats because I chose the wrong cards and messed up my deck is near those magic triple digits, and I’m still not bored with it.
I was upset when my #CrazyParty save file got corrupted, but it’s actually turned out for the better. I ended discovering how to unlock multiple worlds just from playing the same one.
I was upset when my #CrazyParty save got corrupted and I needed to start over, but it’s actually worked out nicely. I’m finding I can unlock multiple worlds from one world. It’s almost a new experience.
Good news: Got the XBox controller working with #CrazyParty. Better news, my hunch played out, and it addressed the difficulties I was experiencing with my fingers.
Finally got around to buying myself an XBox controller. I’ll try configuring it to work with #CrazyParty later.