Apparently the reason I can’t access the audio menu in Mortal Kombat 11 on PC is that you need to push a specific button to get there. The problem? OCR isn’t reading which button that is. I’ve officially hit a wall with this game.
After trying it over and over, I am unable to replicate any set of directions that will let me enable to read menu feature on MK11. However, since it only reads the menu and not the tutorial, and since my success in playing will be reliant on the directional audio, I’ve decided to stop fixating on that one feature and just play the game.
Does anyone happen to know the sequence of steps one needs to perform to enable the read menus feature on ? Can you say you’re asking for a friend when you’re your friend?
Mortal kombat 11 has been the hardest install for me with Steam thus far. I had to use the JAWS cursor just to agree to the license and complete the install process.
You see? Not only can blind people play Jackbox Party Pack 5, but I can finish on the positive side of the board.
I am happy to report that Jackbox Party Pack 5 on Steam is useable if you rely on a screen reader with the OCR feature… Just don’t spend 30 minutes thinking that doesn’t work before discovering you need to maximize your window… True story.
For the record, the number of times i’ve had to reset my #CrazyParty battle stats because I chose the wrong cards and messed up my deck is near those magic triple digits, and I’m still not bored with it.
Switched gears and played some . I’m very much enjoying this style of game. It’s like an secape room on steroids.
Had some help getting set up, and now I’ve been able to play #SequenceStorm. Oh. Slightly related note, you can now find me in the Steam Community. Let’s see if you can figure out the URL.
Looks like #SequenceStorm is supposed to be an accessible game, but the platform on which it exists is inaccessible. That’s $15 I’ll never get back. 🙁