For the record, the number of times i’ve had to reset my #CrazyParty battle stats because I chose the wrong cards and messed up my deck is near those magic triple digits, and I’m still not bored with it.
Switched gears and played some . I’m very much enjoying this style of game. It’s like an secape room on steroids.
Had some help getting set up, and now I’ve been able to play #SequenceStorm. Oh. Slightly related note, you can now find me in the Steam Community. Let’s see if you can figure out the URL.
Looks like #SequenceStorm is supposed to be an accessible game, but the platform on which it exists is inaccessible. That’s $15 I’ll never get back. 🙁
I was upset when my #CrazyParty save file got corrupted, but it’s actually turned out for the better. I ended discovering how to unlock multiple worlds just from playing the same one.
"Oh shit": The only game that provides one with the correct context to say, "I jumped. into a cannon. As it fired." and come off as only a moderate dumb ass. Not speaking from experience… Not at all.
The XBox controller is working well enough for me that I’m going to try out another game. I’ll be configuring and trying "Oh shit" tomorrow.
Made myself a #RhythmRage profile for the XBox Controller. Also set it up so that profiles switch according to which game is running.
Good news: Got the XBox controller working with #CrazyParty. Better news, my hunch played out, and it addressed the difficulties I was experiencing with my fingers.
Finally got around to buying myself an XBox controller. I’ll try configuring it to work with #CrazyParty later.