It’s a good thing when any website offers options beyond the binary when they ask for gender. When sites within a smaller community such as the kind made by blindness or any other shared disability by people, it’s even better. Blind Bargains did this in their most recent survey to collect feedback about their podcast. When I tweeted my pleasure at this discovery, I received a reply from one of my followers that RS Games, a site that offers accessible board and card games for people with visual impairments, now gives its players the option to identify as nonbinary. As a long time player of RS Games, I can tell you this is a major relief after years of having to go by “it” because I refused to choose either of two options when playing. If you know of any other blindness related sites that are promoting this sort of inclusion, please post them in the comments ection below, or mention them to me on Mastodon or Twitter. You can also use the contact form in the navigation menu at the top of this page to send an email if you want to keep yourself private. This way, we can make sure everyone gets the credit they deserve and promote inclusion. Thank you in advance.