Drafting Chapter Three of Changeling’s Guide to Mastodon for screen readers. I didn’t realize describing the profile section could be so complicated. This platform really does let you include lots of information about yourself.
Dear Gubenberg,

You may have once been the cadillac of Bibles, but your WordPress editor is hell for screen readers.

Disgruntled Writer

You haven’t lived until WordPress asks you to moderate your own comment on your own post. I mean, it’s a semantic linkback, but it’s still an odd feeling, like giving your reflection permission to be in your house.
My initial reaction to the new WordPress was that I didn’t like it. After playing with it some, though, and learning about all the available keyboard shortcuts, I think i’m going to be friends with it.
Went ahead and switched myself back to the classic WP editor. Now all my IndieWeb plugins are working like they should.
Hello Followers,

When I posted about finding a Google docs extension for wordPress, I got lots of questions. Here is the link to the article that taught me how to use it. To this person’s advice, I’d like to add that it is a good idea to upload photos to the media library of WP, rather than insert them into Docs. This makes sure that when you add the alt text, it stays alt text and doesn’t become a file title written in scripturecontinuing.

WordPress.com for Google Docs is a new add-on that’ll make your life a whole lot easier. Here’s how you can use this tool for your website or blog.
— Read on www.cision.com/us/2017/05/how-to-use-google-docs-with-wordpress-and-why-its-awesome/