The Hatchling

It was the only hatchling that managed to be born that year, and so every dragon in the village gathered to watch. They watched a pink dragon find its way out into its new world. They watched it stretch its tiny wings. They muttered to themselves.

Elder, a great gold dragon, leaned down to the hatchling and said,”You are different. There are no pink dragons. I can make you a silver or blue or red dragon. Do this, and your life is an easy one.”

The hatchling said, “no.”

The people gasped.

“I’m gonna be the first pink dragon. I shall eat with you and sleep with you and live with you. One day, there will be more pink dragons. An entire family!”

The hatchling grew into an adult. It ate with the people and it slept with them, and eventually had a family of pink dragons. Dragons from other villages came to see. The pink dragons believed they belonged.

When the bad times came, as they eventually come to all peoples everywhere, and the villagers needed an outlet for their fear, they had no trouble finding their target.

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