This is A Test of Blocks

This is a test of the block editor for WordPress with my screen reader.

I had a situation where I went to edit one of my site pages, and got dropped into the block editor, and I was a lost changeling. I managed to get back to the classic editor and make the changes I want, but I’m intrigued by the power of the block editor.

I then happened to be on a clubhouse that was a beginner’s session to wordpress for blind users, and they were talking about how they used the block editor, and being the A.D.D soul that I am, I started doing an Internet search for using blocks with my screen reader–sorry Taylor and friends!

I found this site that has a beginner’s tutorial to navigating/using blocks with my screen reader.

I Have Thoughts and concerns

  • First, what happens when you paste content from a word processor into this block editor? I learned the hard way not to write in the CMS.
  • Second, my screen reader doesn’t read characters when I delete them one by one, so it’s hard to keep track of editing.
  • Why did they take away the semi-markdown keyboard shortcuts for creating headings and such? I really liked those.


If you have answers to any of these points, please leave them in the comments section below, or reach out to me on Twitter, or send an e-mail. I see the potential here and don’t want to give up on it. Thank you in advance.

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  1. OK, yeah I see your concerns. A lot of the time when I write content for my word press sites I do it in something called mark down. I think what we will do is make a whole dedicated room to the block editor. Also, I would give NVDA a shot.