What Happy Endings are Made of: On Willy Wonka and Mr. Musk

The music is good, so we forget that Willy Wonka was an old white dude who rescued the Oompa Loompa from the vermicious knids, then used that as justification to make them work and live in his factory. He also used them for product testing. Finally, he used candy to lure children into his factory and take them on a magic boatride, all for the purpose of conducting a social experiment on the children without their consent of any kind.
He rounds the whole thing off by destroying the house of the poorest child by giving said child the wrong driving directions and crashing through the roof. His response is to kidnap the entire family in his alien spaceship not so cleverly disguised as a magic elevator, and this is what happy endings are made of.
What’s my point? The position of creepy old dude doing things in the name of artistic genius is already taken, Mr. Musk, go home.

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