Your Weekly changeling For February 26, 2021

What is this?

This is Your Weekly Changeling for February 26, 2021. It is a roundup of things that have happened to me throughout the week. It is about as useful to you, the reader, as a refrigerator in The arctic.


Tech Things

  • I’ve been spending my week playing with Clubhouse, the new audio chatting app that is in headlines all over the Internet. It’s new, it’s shiny, and it’s fun, but I also feel like there are other platforms like zoom and discord that give me the same experience. On the other hand, everybody’s talking on Clubhouse this week and not those other apps, so that’s where the content is, and that’s where I am.
  • I’ve given myself over to the absolute pleasure of Disney+. I know this isn’t a new thing, but I’m enjoying it. The original Muppet show is there, and if you haven’t checked out the new original “muppets Now”, you totally should. Also, while the original muppet show doesn’t have audio description, the Muppet movies do.
  •  After trying all of the available messaging platforms, I’ve decided on my preferred communication method. It is… E-mail! Everybody has one, it’s easy to organize messages with tools like SaneBox, and did I mention that everybody has an e-mail address?


Project Updates

  • If you’re waiting for Changeling’s Guide to telegram for Screen reader Users, you’ll need to wait a little longer. I’m playing with the app and learning its quirks for both iOS and android, and it takes some time. Thank you for your patience.
  • Changeling’s Guide to discord for screen Reader Users is getting an Android version! I’ve been dealing with chronic health issues for the last couple years, and have finally felt well enough to condition an Android device and start playing with discord on it. I don’t have a definite release date for you, reader, but I have two of the four posts complete.
  • As for Changeling’s Guide to Mastodon for Screen reader Users, I’m going to finish it at some point, but I also want to sand some of the guide’s rough edges. With the changes coming to twitter, it seems like a good time to dust off this project.


  • I now have a branded shortened URL. If you go to mx, you will be told that it is a branded short domain. If you add “/DiscordGuide” to it, you go directly to my guide for discord. It makes the guide’s address is easier to write, say, and… Sing?… No thank you. This way. It also takes up less space on social profiles.
  • Joined Clubhouse and interacted with people. More on that in the next section.



I am doing my first Clubhouse event. It is an Ask me Anything (AMA) about using Discord with Screen readers. I ran a Twitter pole asking if people were interested, and if you go by the number of votes it received, there was no interest in it. Going by the number of retweets, likes and replies from people communicating their interest, something like this should have happened sooner… (Funny how things like that work.) Well, Monday, march 1 at 6:00 p.m. Eastern will just have to be soon enough. You can find the event and add it to your calendar at It may be repeated depending on how it goes.


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