Your Weekly Changeling for March 5, 2021: Now with Emoji!

What is this?

This is your Weekly changeling for March 5, 2021. It is about as useful to you, reader, as earning all the points on “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. It’s just a summary of all the things that have gone on throughout the week in one post.

Tech Things

  • my Xfinity modem gave up the ghost, and I had to get a replacement. I discovered I had been paying for speeds the old modem couldn’t deliver for at least a couple of years, not even a tenth of the speed, actually. 😦
  • After setting up the new modem, i realized just how much work it is to configure all of one’s smart devices, but it’s all finished, and everything is working as expected. 😣
  • I discovered a tutorial for using the WordPress block editor. 😄 You can find my test post and a link to the tutorial here.
  • I’ve begun experimenting with Markdown. If you have suggestions for good resources or programs, please leave them in the comments section, or send an e-mail.
  • After a moratorium, I’ve gotten back into Mastodon. 🐘 You can find a link to my profile at the bottom of this or any other Starship Changeling page.


  • I hosted my first Clubhouse room. 🥳 It was an Ask me Anything about using discord with screen readers. You can find a recap of the event and my feelings about the Clubhouse experience here. the recap also includes a link to the discord accessibility feedback form.
  • I’ve managed to send myself over one hundred wake up songs as a self care exercise. You can find the list on Spotify.


  • After last weeks Clubhouse event, it occured to me that the desktop and mobile experiences are similar across their respective platforms. For the sake of keeping things as current as possible and saving myself energy, I’m considering having just a desktop and mobile version of the guide, rather than one for every platform. It would require some revisions, but I believe it would save me time in the longrun.
  • A series of experiences has led me to have feelings about QR codes and their accessibility to blind people. 😄😟 I’m working on a post that summarizes the experience and my feelings. No scheduled release date, because i want to take my time with it.

Closing Thoughts

It’s actually been a busy week here on Starship Changeling. It doesn’t feel like it when I’m doing these things, but writing it down puts things in perspective. Here’s to another fun-filled week. 🥂

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