The Rider

The roller coaster is halfway through its final loop when there is a temporal pause. Coaster, both track and upside down car, are outlined against a twilight sky on an evening somewhere in the middle of the change from summer to fall. Carnival-goers are frozen in various forms of festive fun.

They learned The magic’s favorite song, and they sang it. They sang it in groups. They sang it in twos. They sang individually. Sometimes it was in a known key, and sometimes it was in a key all their own.

They sang to The magic, and it eventually had enough energy to choose its own way. Sometimes it is a unicorn. Sometimes it is a best friend. Sometimes it is a roller coaster.

The Rider is in the third row from the front, third seat from the left. This person, even after the videos and photos go viral and everything that can be known about a person is made public, will be known as The Rider, as in “Do you know the story of …?”

Before the coaster’s final loop, The Rider can be seen, clearly enjoying the experience. The final loop, and the cameras go fuzzy. Out of the loop, and The Rider is gone. No remains are found. A legend is born.

The Magic brings them people in an infinite variety of shapes, sizes, dress and other characteristics. These people are taught The Way, and they teach it to children and new arrivals alike. In this way, Magic and legend go on forever.

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