Your Weekly Changeling for March 12, 2021

What is this?

This is your Weekly Changeling for March 12, 2021. It is about as useful to you, reader, as winning a weightless container that only exists in a universe in which you do not exist.

Tech Things

  • Clubhouse is so last week for me. The shiny new feeling wore off alarmingly fast for me compared to other new social networks. I think this is because it didn’t give me anything I didn’t have before, and Twitter is getting ready to make Spaces widely available, so I’ll want to see what that’s like.
  • I’m pretty sure my reservations concerning the changes Twitter is making to its platform come from the fact that I am a microblogging purist. There’s just something about organizing my thoughts in to a short little blurb and throwing it out there to see what happens with it. I’ll need to keep this in mind when I’m evaluating new features Twitter puts out.
  • I’m actually writing this all from my iPhone, in Markdown.

Ongoing Projects

  • Everything from last week is exactly as I left it. Dealing with one’s personal life can have that result.
  • I’m considering starting a Starship Changeling Facebook page. I’ve been posting these and other posts to my personal timeline over there, and they just get buried. I don’t do this for the numbers, but I like to know someone is seeing it.


  • I survived another week on Earth.
  • I managed to put out a Weekly Changeling after saying I wouldn’t.
  • There’s a Starship Changeling Telegram Channel.
  • I managed to enter a drawing for a weightless container that exists in a universe where I do not currently exist.
  • I managed to spell “accomplished” without having to ask Siri first.

Chat with Changeling

If you want to comment on any of the things here, you can get in touch.


  • “NORMAL” is a lost cause. Just do your thing and try to make it pleasant for those you encounter.
  • Starve the Internet trolls. Any kind of response validates their actions. Ignoring them sends them into an existential crisis.

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