Welcome Aboard the Starship Changeling

Hello, and welcome aboard the Starship Changeling, my little corner of the Internet. This site was rebuilt to be a part of the IndieWeb in 2018 and has hosted almost every kind of content there is. At that time, this page advertised the site as a fun experiment that could be followed, appreciated, but not to be taken seriously. Now, traditional social media is on the decline and federation seems to have the attention of many. With that in mind, this site is my hub Internet. It can be followed, appreciated, but not taken seriously. Some profile updates and we’re ready to go. Alex and I cruise in our starship and are the parents of several dragons and a Frankenstein’s monster. We also enjoy sitcoms, horror and science fiction stories and freshly laundered bed sheets. You can follow this site and me through RSS, email subscription and through the Fediverse at changeling@www.starshipchangelingnet. happy following!

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