Welcome Aboard the Starship Changeling

Headshot of Changeling with green skin, a pink buzzcut and eyebrows, big yellow eyes, black sports glasses, and fangs.


Hello, and welcome aboard the Starship Changeling. This site is my home on the IndieWeb. I am a hobbiest, and this site is very much an experiment in progress. Things will break, things will look trippy, things will go BOOM! Since I’m not selling anything, providing a service, etc., I’m very much okay with this chaotic type of existence. My goal behind this project is not so much to have a psecific type of content, but rather to have a specific place to host my content. I tend to express myself through microblogging, but I also do longer posts when I need to. Since this site is a bit different from what you typically see, why not have a look at the page that tells you how to¬†find your way around the Starship Changeling. Once you do, you’ll have an easier time experiencing my content.