Welcome Aboard the Starship Changeling

Hello, and welcome aboard the Starship Changeling. This site exists because I got tired of using free social networks and being at the mercy of its creators who seem to know exactly how I want my social experience without asking me. In other words, I got tired of the chaos on planet Social Network, built a spaceship, stocked it with enough supplies and medical personnel to tend to my needs, and got the hell out. Not a terribly original premise, perhaps, but there’s a point where you just gotta go for functional. I figured out that wordpress lets me do every kind of post that people do on Planet Social Network, and I just need to click a couple more buttons to make it functional. If you look at the navigation bar, you’ll see I have all the things a social network gives its users.


And that’s all there is to it. It’s my environment, my experiment, my rules.