Welcome Aboard the Starship Changeling

Headshot of Changeling with green skin, a pink buzzcut and eyebrows, big yellow eyes, black sports glasses, and fangs.


Hello, and welcome aboard the Starship Changeling, navigating life among humans and home of the sad-faced monster. This site is my home on the IndieWeb. In other words, it is my Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks all rolled into one. Since I tend to express myself mostly through microblogging, I also cross-post my content to these services, so you the user can interact with me on the platform that makes you the most comfortable. If you have an aversion to social media but want to keep up with me, you can subscribe to the RSS this site offers.

I can also post longer articles here, and I do from time to time. These are also posted to social media and are available through the RSS and e-mail subscription form. You can use the menu at the top of any page to find content that is of interest to you. Thank you, and enjoy your time aboard The Starship Changeling!


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