Finding Your way around the Starship



This site is a bit different from traditional WordPress powered sites. It has different kinds of content, specifically microblog type posts, along with longer posts. While you are able to navigate this site the way you would a traditional blog, you may wish to consider the following tips.




  •  Use the home link in the main menu to go to the welcome page.
  •  Use the contact link in the main menu to find a contact form.
  •  Use the blog link in the main menu to find posts. Use the next and previous links on a post to move between posts.
  •  Use the search box to find a specific type of content.
  •  Use the category dropdown to browse by category.
  •  Use the H-card widget to find me in other places on the Internet.


Concerning Longer Posts


Longer posts have a table of contents inserted in them. If it is present, it is between the level one heading that reads “Post navigation”, and the first section of the post, usually a level two headings. Each section appears in the table of contents as a link. Clicking that link will take you to that section of the post. Alternatively, you can jump by heading using your screen reader’s jump commands.