Changeling’s Guide to Discord for Screen Reader Users

What is This?

This is a page that contains all the links to posts in the “Changeling’s Guide to Discord for Screen Reader Users” series, as well as some answers to some frequently asked questions. if these questions aren’t being asked on a frequent basis, this is me telling you that they should be.

How Do I navigate the Guide?

Each link is set to open in a new tab. You can click the link, read the post, close the tab, and find the link to the next post.

Who Are you? Why Did you Write This?

I am a blind computer user who was first given free run of the Internet after graduating high school in 2006. I quickly discovered the ability of the internet to let one person connect with others, and I embraced anything that gave people more choices for accomplishing this. I was particularly intrigued with Discord’s combination of building community, as well as its knack for creating  topic specific forums within that community (channels), and it worked easily across all platforms. When I first drafted the guide, no other screen reader specific documentation existed, and I decided it should. A few days later, it did.

Can I link to This on my Website or Social media?

Of course. I put the information up so it could be freely available.

Do Versions of this Guide for Other Platforms Exist?

I am happy to announce that the version of this guide specific to VoiceOver on iOS is now available. The developers continue to make changes and squash bugs, but the experience is finally stable enough to allow me to endorse the experience.

How can I Get Help?

If you have questions, you can find me on The Starship Changeling Discord server. You can also send a direct message to Changeling#0001 from Discord. Finally, if you’re having so much trouble that you don’t feel comfortable in a Discord server, you can send an e-mail to or tweet me.

Posts in the Series

Specific to Windows

Chatting: Text, voice and video

Specific to VoiceOver on iOS


Specific to Android

Coming soon. journey before destination and all that.



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