Changeling’s Guide to Discord for Screen Reader Users

What is This?

This is a page that contains all the links to posts in the “Changeling’s Guide to Discord for Screen Reader Users” series.

How it Works

Each link is set to open in a new tab. You can click the link, read the post, close the tab, and find the link to the next post.

Getting Help/Clarification

If you have questions, you can find me on The Starship Changeling Discord server.

Posts in the Series


  1. Well I’ve always said devs should directly aspire to work me out of a job. 🙂 I mean that seriously; the more it works without my retrofitting, the happier we all are, including me. I’m the only active scripter at @LevelAccessA11y because most of us are about making that happen.

  2. And more screen readers. 🙂 Scripting won’t die anyway; it’s still needed for optimization of speed-intensive jobs like call centers, and probably always will be. But it should be more an enhancement than a solution. It’s still a solution sometimes now though.

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