Starship changeling Streams

What is This?


This is the page where you can watch Changeling stream games. The source is a Twitch imbed, so you’ll be able to log in and chat if you wish. You can also watch directly on Changeling’s Twitch channel. The link is below.


Participating in Twitch Chat with Screen Readers


To best engage with Twitch chat with your screen reader, please make sure your browser window is maximized in order to display all page elements. Navigate by edit box to find the area where you can type a message, type your message, then press enter to send. You can also insert emoji by using the dedicated buttons. Finally, use your up and down arrows to review chats from other viewers.


Rules of Engagement


Changeling wants everyone to have a good time, so please refrain from posting hateful, oversexualized, harassing, threatening, bullying, or any other content Changeling finds annoying in that it takes away from time that could be spent playing games. If Changeling feels the need to ban you, you deserve it. The end.

Watch live video from ChangelingMx on

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