Bookmarked Stop Throwing Away Your Content (Adrian Roselli)

It is not uncommon for individuals and even entire organizations to rely on some third party platform to host all their thought-leadering. Medium is the common choice, but many use other platforms as well, such as LinkedIn. While many argue that the reach is better and it is easier than…

Outlines every reason you should own your content. He also appears to update his article frequently, so I want to keep this for my reference.
The coolest thing about being on the , in my opinion, is I am posting from my starship all of the time, and everyone reading most of the posts thinks I’m posting on whatever platform they’re reading on.
Drafting Chapter Three of Changeling’s Guide to Mastodon for screen readers. I didn’t realize describing the profile section could be so complicated. This platform really does let you include lots of information about yourself.
Dear Gubenberg,

You may have once been the cadillac of Bibles, but your WordPress editor is hell for screen readers.

Disgruntled Writer

I have mixed feelings about the recent swarm of ADA lawsuits. It’s great that there’s awareness, but a lot of these businesses don’t even know anything’s wrong until they get nailed with legal papers, and it just feels wrong. Back on the bright side of things, this introvert gets to practice their people skills every time someone contacts me wanting information about it.
To those of you who act incredulous over the costs associated with running a website, I’d like to remind you that having a website is like having a home on the Internet, and nobody gives homes away. All those spaces you have on the internet that give you a free page, that’s like renting an apartment, and it comes with many of the drawbacks of renting, just like your website comes with all the drawbacks of owning a home.

Right now, my biggest obstacle to my IndieWeb endeavor is creating a microsub endpoint. Installed a WP plugin for this, but it doesn’t appear to be functioning. 🙁

Went ahead and switched myself back to the classic WP editor. Now all my IndieWeb plugins are working like they should.

This weekend has taught me that, like so many things in life, being part of the is not the most straight forward thing you can choose to do, but if you really want to be there, you’ll find a way.

Have been working on getting the Starship Changeling ready all day, and it’s time to sign off for the night. my next steps are going to be jumping through the hoops to set up Keyring.